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Carthage stationed troops and some type of central administration in Sardinia and Iberia to control her domain. But he bungled so much that he killed himself instead of facing the tribunal of after returning to Carthage.

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However, close ties with Tyre still remained, Carthage continued to send annual tribute to Tyre for the temple of Melqart at speed dating à troyes intervals over the centuries. Trogus describes a sinister web of court intrigue in which the new king Pygmalion [26] brother of Dido slays the chief priest Acharbas husband of Didowhich causes the Queen Elissa Dido along with some nobles to flee the city of Tyre westward in a fleet of ships carrying royal gold.

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The city became alarmed with palpable anxiety. Carthage was besieged and her naval power was crucial in supplying the city.

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Politically, the old government of entrenched nobility was ousted, replaced by the Carthaginian Republic. They are from everywhere in the world and a lot of the members come in every day. The Phoenicians lacked the population or necessity to establish self-sustaining cities abroad, and most cities had fewer than 1, inhabitants, but Carthage and a few other cities later developed into large, self-sustaining, independent cities.

The home-bound Punic army carried the plague back to Carthage. Carthage, unlike Romedid not concentrate on conquering lands adjacent to the city prior to embarking on overseas ventures.

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What you search for and find on HePays is totally up to you. Economically, sea-borne trade with the Middle East was cut off by the mainland Greeks and Magna Graecia boycotted Carthaginian traders.

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As an eventual result, Rome threw off their Etruscan kings of the Tarquin dynasty. A war with Greek Massalia followed.

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What can I find gothic free dating sites HePays? The result was the defeated Greeks establishing themselves in Lipera, which became a pirate hub, a threat to all commerce Greek included. She does not appear in the first treaty with Romewhich perhaps means she was fully independent and not even bound in the Carthage-Rome alliance.

The goods produced by Carthage were mainly for the local African market and were initially inferior to Greek goods.

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Carthage, while she continued to expand until BC, did not have a similar system to increase her citizen numbers. The treaty lasted nine years. While the Greek colonies also offered increased opportunities for trade and piracy, their nosing into areas of Punic influence caused the Punic cities to look for protection from their strongest city.

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Tarshish trafficked with you because of your great wealth of every kind; silver, iron, tin, and lead they exchanged for your wares. Ancient sources concur that Carthage had become perhaps the wealthiest city in the world via its trade and commerce, yet few remains of its riches exist. The Phoenicians controlled CyprusSardinia, Corsica, and the Balearic Islandsas well as obtaining minor possessions in Crete and Sicily ; the latter settlements were in perpetual conflict with the Greeks.

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