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Dating selmer amps, the one exception...

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All had similar circuitry and components so that's probably not surprising. An old amplifier which has been stored for 30 years in someone's loft, or had 30 years of abuse by a succession of teenage guitarists, is unlikely to be putting out it's best performance.

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It's a case of keeping an eye on newspaper advertisements and music-shops - there are still bargains to be had! However, many so called luxury goods were often priced in guineas up to the early 70's, presumably in an attempt to retain a feeling of status and past grandeur amongst the gullible UK buying public.

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The simple answer is - usually great! Amps-N-Bits in Brighton, England. That will cut off the current in micro-seconds if anything goes wrong. Celestion's Website now contains a list of date codes in the "Doctor Decibels Secrets" section.

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This particular example was based on a Collard tape deck. Selmer also used speakers by Goodmans, Fane and Elac in their amplifiers, and we do not know of any way to date these. It is difficult to pinpoint the manufacturing date of a Selmer amplifier more precisely than to the general periods defined by the colour schemes.


The first is the most important - it might save your life. The AC15 probably had the edge on treble and tone quality, but certainly not by so much of a margin as Vox would have liked.

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It'll be worth the money. Look for a 2 number, 2 letter date code stamped either on the rim gasket or christian farmers dating metal frame of the speaker e.

Many thanks to John Beer for finding this rarity.

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Don't plug straight into an old amplifier you know nothing about - if you just can't resist the temptation, at least use an RCCD residual current cut-off devicea few pounds from the local hardware store. Advert from "Melody Maker" - June Sound is a subjective thing - what I like, you might not.

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With Selmers, you can get a lot of amplifier for your money! The one exception is for amplifiers which contain Celestion speakers, if these can with any certainty be presumed to be original fitments.


That's all I'm going to say - they're your ears, try one! Celestion speakers carry a manufacturers date code which indicates the exact day when the speaker was made, which is a very good clue to the age of the amp: Unfortunately old Selmer amps are quite rare nowadays, and I hook up app think this is because although they were manufactured in large numbers, during the late 's and 's they were regarded as almost worthless and many ended life in landfills.

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Prices are difficult to define as there are numerous Selmer models and a limited market. Selmer generally used EL34 output valves for their amps above 15 watts so you'll get a sound somewhere between a Vox and a Marshall - less treble and "chime" than an AC30, less grunge than a Marshall, but a good sound in it's own right, very usable and versatile.

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The meet albertville sexy women give the date of the month, the letters stand for the month and year. Find a good tech recommended to you as experienced with vintage valve amps - the less hair, the better!! The solid-state amplifiers of the late 60's are no great shakes, but the valve-powered models of the early 60's are classic in both looks and sound.

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