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This house believes that former colonizers should be obligated to accept migrants from their colonies. We know that there is a harm to the individual, harm to the people around him and harm to the society. The harm to people around the smoker can be minimised and the harm to society can also be minimised.

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Do school uniforms help free hockey dating sites improve the learning environment? What is when do i get a dating scan with this type of motions is that you set a standard to determine who wins.

Did God create the universe or did it just occur naturally? Is the grading system used in high school effective? Has nuclear energy destroyed our society? Should homework be banned? Should cigarettes be banned from society? Are security cameras an invasion of our privacy? Do nursery rhymes have secret interior meanings? Is television an effective tool in building the minds of children?

Top Debatable topics Interesting and Funny Debate Topics Is it important for all schools to conduct mandatory drug testing on their students? Should jobs be subcontracted into developing countries? When you build the model think about what could the opposition say.

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Teachers can include them as a tool and even provide apps for the students to use together as a class. Is it ethical for companies to market their products to children? Are Batman and Superman misleading idols? Do video games cause bad behavior in children? Is the boarding school system beneficial to children?

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Is animal testing a justified? Should fried foods come with a warning? Is co-education a good idea? Is there good reason for the American war on terror? Should cell phones be banned in schools? Should libraries have a list of books that are banned? Are curfews effective in terms of keeping teens out of trouble?

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Harry Potter or Twilight? Rock n Roll music or Hip Hop?

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Should juveniles be tried and treated as adults? What are the advantages of bottled water vs. Which is better to have as a pet: Should cell phones be used during class? Is it unethical to eat meat? What is the best pizza topping?

Are video games containing violence appropriate for children? Is cloning animals ethical? How far is competition necessary in regards to the learning process? What are the best dating techniques out there?

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Do celebrities get away with more crime than non-celebrities? Should sex education be banned in middle schools? Does money motivates people more than any other factor in the workplace? Should the death penalty be taken away completely? Should parents not purchase war or destruction type toys for their children?

This house would give Parents the right to be restituted by their children for money invested in their upbringing This house believes that Children should have the right to retrospectively sue their parents for physical and mental trauma, upon attaining the age of majority.

Is age an important factor in relationships? Who is more complicated gender: Is drug testing athletes justified? The model should be a good base on which you can build your arguments, but should not take more than a minute to explain, because your role is still to provide the best arguments why this motion should be supported.

The best way that we think, to sort out the good debate motions from the topics, that are not really suitable for debate is, that you check out what tournament has used a topic. Which of these two are more real — pirates or ninjas? Which is the best season of the year? Are humans too dependent on computers? What are the advantages of being a dating sites debate over a woman?

Should gay marriages be legalized? Are we aliens of some sort? Is it appropriate for adolescents to be sentenced to life without parole?