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Industry includes a ball-bearing plant, a fish cannery and other food-processing enterprises, and a steam power plant.

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At the top of the ramparts you can find the fortress of Saint Ivan San Giovannireachable by walking kotor municipality singles the walls. Many unknown soldiers left their lives and thus become part of the history of this ancient city.

Also, Montenegro has become the first international recognized ecological state in the world in Kotor is a part of Austrian Empire Habsburg Monarchy. Kotor grew up in the fifth to sixth century it is first mentioned in sources of the seventh century.

Kotor was under Roman reign until the downfall of their empire in Kotor a city and port in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Republic of Montenegro, on the picturesque Gulf of Kotor, the largest bay on the Adriatic coast.

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From tothe city was, in fact, an independent patrician republic. Verige, Kumbor and Kotor Gate straits. It is a seaport and a tourist center. Their kingLudvik rules Kotor from year of High and strong walls, which in some places reaches impressive 20meters, have survived attacks ofnumerous army and strong earthquakes.

This royal family made Kotor a seaport that allowed them to maintain good connections with the West.

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This masterpiece of fortification architecture,overseesKotor and its inhabitants, with dignity in its own strength, as bearing witness to the turbulent history of the city. Add Kotor Municipality and other Montenegro destinations to your travel plans using our Montenegro online sightseeing planner.

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From toKotor was an important trading and handicrafts center of the Serbian state. Along with all other cities of former Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes,Kotorwas exhausted by numerous war occupations but awaited the biggest war ever fought — World War II in the year of First liberation came in The most powerful happened in Historic SitesNatureAdventure Nestled between the mountains and the sea in the heart of a scenic bay, Kotor Municipality is a jewel of the Adriatic coast.

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Kotor Municipality is in Montenegro. Kotor has a school of navigation, a theater, historical archives, and a maritime museum. In the year of A one-hundred-years-old reign of Austria over Kotor was marked by numerous rebellions and uprisings of people from BokaKotorska.

Instead Ascruvium, Kotor was named Decateron. There is an abundance of cafes and restaurants, and street carnivals and performances are a common sight. Population, about 10, As the oldest town in Montenegro, it is a state-protected historical monument. LukeSt. Depth of the sea in the Bay is really impressive and varies from 20m up to m at its deepest pointwhich allows giant 100 free united states dating sites ships to freely enter the Bay all the way to city of Kotor.

Natural enemy of Kotor was not only the shaken ground, but contagious disease that caught whole world friend dating married man that time — plague; five times in the period of years during the 16th and 17th centuries. Palaces in the Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque styles are found in Kotor: There is a health resort, and the city is a center for tourism.

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Municipality of Kotor has a population slightly above The town was colonized by Greeks 3d cent. Eventually, the Illyrians state was defeated and Romans took over the leadership over this area, forming the first city here, called Ascruvium.

Many of its stone buildings, narrow streets, and picturesque squares date back to the Middle Ages and radiate a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere. The narrowest part of the Bay is Verige strait, which is only about m wide.

Outside the city, you can take a tour of the bay and visit the islets and smaller towns, all of which offer their share of centuries-old churches and mansions, and breathtaking views of the sea and overhanging cliffs. With its historical towns, abundance of monuments, and architectural masterpieces, it's a perfect vacation spot for those who want to combine sightseeing and relaxing on the beach.

From to the city was occupied by Italian and fascist German troops.


These bays made a basin of Boka Bay and are connected with other two bays — Kotorand Risan, with the narrowest but most beautiful strait of Verige. In a revolutionary uprising broke out among the sailors of Kotor. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

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The final liberation from Nazis Italy control came in November of Tripun, which has a rich collection of medieval sacred utensils in the vestry the building dates from the early 12th to the 14th century; partially rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuriesand churches of St. The Italian name for Kotor is Cattaro. The centerpiece of the area is the fortified city of Kotor, a World Heritage Site.

Major destruction of the city, walls and properties resulted many victims and losses.