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Applicants must disclose any accidents or tickets incurred. Again, after my experience with kroger I would strongly suggest that you shop at any other store other than kroger after reading this. Told him to show me anything in the Kroger policy to prevent me from that or seeing anyone kroger dating policy I choose regardless of an employee or not.

Gun control group pushes for Kroger to change gun policy: However, damaged and defective items will be exchanged for an identical item.


Returns without receipt are subject to lowest sale price. Never seen it in writing but have heard many times that the company policy is to not hire same family members to work in the same store and that if that does occur, then they have moved one to another location.

He also stated that he did not want both spouses working for Kroger at the same time.

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Sorry, your browser is not supported. For computer and electronic items, returns must be made within 30 days.

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As one of the largest grocers in the country, Kroger regularly hires job candidates to take on entry-level roles. It is best to be honest in these cases. Furthermore, be advised that I observed other customers attempting to make returns at kroger while waiting for a manager being lied to by kroger employee's as it relates to their return policy.

It is also clear that at the very least this is a catch all initiated by kroger to avoid making refunds in the name of profits.

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Looking for a Lexington, Kentucky grandma. I need a corporate manager to call me.

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If there is anything false, it would likely disqualify a candidate. Payless Super Markets 0 reviews.

Two managers stated that this was because customers steal items and then return them. Jul 12, Contact information: Have a job application for wendy's but im confused!

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On december 28, a purchase was made at a kroger store for a new year's eve party. I have had a district manager state to me that he does not want his own policy same family members hired for the same store and he would not approve of that if a store director was doing that.