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As a young woman, her bipolar disorder presented itself as episodic depression, but as she aged, it left her immobilized or fueled her recklessness. Beau — the soccer player and Future Business Leaders of America leader.

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His wife was a grown woman who acted like a year-old, he wrote in an email to her family members. Wade Myers to testify, making him the last of three mental health experts retained by the defense, all of whom concluded that Julie Schenecker was insane when she shot her children.

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In latewhen Julie Schenecker crashed her Mercedes on her way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, she told her husband she'd had a few glasses of wine before she left. May 13, Updated: Later, as fights with Calyx grew worse, he arranged family counseling sessions and guided his daughter's search for a boarding school.

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When she became depressed and took to bed for eight weeks, her husband communicated with her mainly by email, sometimes signing off with the letters "VR," shorthand for "very respectfully. Her attorneys are waging an insanity defense, arguing that she did not understand her actions were wrong.

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She was also gambling away thousands of dollars at Tampa's Hard Rock Casino, losses that her husband only learned about after she was in jail. Calyx — the artist and runner.

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He has numerous US and foreign defense service awards and recognitions, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, the third highest recognition from the Department of Defense and the German Service Cross in Silver. And his wife's condition was particularly challenging.

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He had never looked at her prescription medications, kept track of whether she was taking them, or seen to it that she was meeting with her therapist and psychiatrist during their year marriage. While on a quick deployment to Afghanistan, Calyx and Beau, his only children, were murdered by their mother.

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But Schenecker showed a slightly softer side Tuesday, as he described his efforts to help his wife. Contact Us Any Time: It wasn't his job to dig through the trash and count his wife's empty wine bottles, he said, but he did try to alert her psychiatrist that she was mixing alcohol and Lithium.

He told her he would no longer allow her to drive their children around. Phillips, Times Staff Writer Published: Byspeed dating melbourne tonight was taking the pain killer Oxycodone, which had been prescribed for her, but which Parker Schenecker didn't know she was abusing.