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Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I am not a counsellor, physiatrist or anything else, but it seems to me that your reaction is disproportionate and perhaps unhealthy.

She pays, I assume, for her share of your home. How will you feed and nourish your relationship with your friends over that time? Try taking an active role in coming to terms with their relationship, don't wait to feel better; determine to feel better.

I'm just afraid of making the first move, getting rejected, and creating an incredibly awkward roommate situation. I actually asked someone to delay starting a relationship with someone else because of my feelings. While I don't think I'm his usual type, there does seem to be some sort of connection there and his friends have said things that hint that we could be good together though maybe that's just how I want to interpret it.

I don't want to lose her completely as a friend, but I sure don't want to live with her in the same house anymore.

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I normally would have no qualms about asking a guy out and finding out for sure if he's interested or not, and if he isn't, I'd have no problem moving on. That said, I think you should consider that you are asking for the most reasonable way to make an unreasonable request.

I think that I want to move out revengefully because she told me she doesn't like living by her own and she doesn't know anyone to become her roommate but I don't care. Even though our relationship has been completely platonic since we've know each other, we spend a lot of time together and get along well.

I want to look beautiful and elegant for dating my crush, so beautify me with lots of cosmetic products for skin and face, with a gorgeous make up and with a chic dress matched with the right studs and necklace.

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At a time when she wants to be enjoying her new relationship she is still worried about your feelings and willing to go out of her way not to hurt you. Enjoy Dating My Crush Makeover facial beauty game! Maybe you are sad about other things, maybe you have concerns that counselling or something could roommate dating my crush with.

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Should she just keep quiet about it forever? At the beginning she didn't felt good with this situation, but then she told me that because of we weren't a couple me and N.

We didn't even know each other before moving in, so as it is I feel lucky that we get along so well. Hopefully in a good way. In terms of actually dating, I've been getting some mixed signals.

As of now, this is just a crush. If you still feel the same way in a month or two, bring it up. Pay some of her rent, her share of the utilities. I've liked this one guy N. You know what, I don't care about N. That is extraordinarily generous of her.

I met a great guy recently who I think is a total catch: Be prepared to work on yourself.