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The 17th-century holy martyrs — Shalva and Elizbar, military governors from Ksani, and Bidzina Cholokashvili are buried within the church. Understand[ edit ] Within Shida Kartli there is a very strong division between the northern and southern regions.

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Kintsvisi murals are of crucial importance in the history of Georgian monumental painting. The church is abundantly adorned with rich stone carvings. Today, as in the past, Gori is located at a strategically or economically important crossroad, actively being involved in industrial and cultural affairs.

Ethnic conflict, vandalism, and even looting have left the city with little to offer a tourist, but the city center has a couple interesting monuments to Ossete historical figures, and to the conflict itself. In the 9thth centuries, Uplistsikhe was a fortress fulfilling military, strategical functions and the residence of the military general. The 12th-century murals inside the church have also partially survived.

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Restored and repaired in the 14th century, in and in 19thth centuries, it has still preserved its original appearance and stone carved ornamentation of high artistic merits. For any destinations off the main road, it is advisable to go to the local bus station early in the morning to inquire about service.

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Ateni Sioni The central-domed church of Ateni Sioni was built in the first half of the 7th century on a cliff by the Tana River, at the site of an ancient basilica, as an imitation of the Church of the Holy Cross at Mtskheta. Gori has been mentioned in chronicles however, since the 7th century.

The brick church is famous for its mural decoration.

Chat in Shida Kartli, Georgia for Free

This typology was often used in the ecclesiastical architecture during the period from the 11th to the 18th century in Georgia. For a significantly higher price, taxis will take travelers to other destinations within Shida Kartli.

In the north, Ossetian is the language of the ethnic Ossetes, but many if not most Ossetes will also be conversant in Russian.

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Taxis to the Gori region can be hired on the cheap from Tbilisi's Didube market. The remnants of an early Medieval basilica, a single-nave church from a later period, an 18th-century bell-tower, and an episcopal palace are all part of a complex revealed as a result of archaeological excavations.

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Nicholas built by Anthony Glonistavisdze, the Prime Minister and Chkondideli, in the beginning of the 13th century is more significant. Trading and travel picked up and the city sprang to life. At various times, it was held by the Ossetians through the help of the MongolsIranians, and Turks.

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The outer walls are adorned with many reliefs from the 7thth centuries, inside however are murals from the 11th century, one of the most important works of the medieval Georgian wall-painting. The grave of St. The rest of Shida Kartli, dating pangalan ng malabon the south, is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Georgians and shares its culture closely with neighboring regions.

For higher price although still cheapit is possible to hire a taxi from virtually anywhere in the region to get to the main cities.

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To get to smaller destinations, it is best to go to the local bus station to see if any taxi drivers are interested. A Brief Regional Description: It is possible to flag down the local buses and marshrutkas and cars willing to pick up hitchhikers run frequently along Shida Kartli's main north-south road.